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I refuse to take a pill until absolutely necessary,

Stuart, with a spondylitis diagnosis, you have ongoing inflammation. Even if your symptoms aren't terrible, almost everyone with knowledge of this disease would agree that it is necessary to take medication to control the inflammation and the damage it will cause if it continues unchecked. There is no evidence published in peer-reviewed journals that supports a diet-alone approach to reducing inflammation.

The statements here about the low starch diet are opinions, not proven facts, although people who state them claim them as facts. They cannot be backed up by rigorous research. That said, the diet probably won't hurt you. Good luck with your journey.

Jen, 42, happy partner of James and Moma to Evan, 14, & Lucy, 12.5 (Crohn's dx @ age 3; on Remicade since April 2010.) I take piroxicam, Flexeril, & Nucynta ER nightly. 3 anti-TNFs didn't pan out for me.

"Science is the father of knowledge, but opinion breeds ignorance." -- Hippocrates