After reading a few of these posts, I thought I would share what our family has gone through. My son was diagnosed around age 10. It was a fairly quick diagnosis since I knew what the disease was and had a husband with the same symptoms. Since that time my son has taken almost everything to control the pain. Enbrel, Humira (did not do shots well since he has no fat on his body),He also has been on methotrexate, mobic and a multitude of other NSAIDS (which haven't helped). Now he is on Remicade. Basically we are trying to prevent any fusion. He still has pretty good mobility, but will have days where it hurts to get out of bed. Scarier still is when he'll say it hurts to breath because the pain runs up his back. The biggest thing we struggle with is school. Between teacher comments or judgements they make about him, I have become very discouraged. When he was in 8th grade, he wanted to go to college, now he is in 11th and just wants to get out. I try to keep encouraging him, but I just don't know how to keep him motivated. I grew up with a dad who had rhuematoid arthritis and I know my son will have challenges in his future, so I really need to find ways to keep him motivated now.

Son age 16 diagnosed 2003, other adult children have symptoms but don't want to be tested (fear of losing insurance)