Thanks for you input,
Oh yea, part of it's his age and his frustration with everything. I will be looking into some on-line courses for him to do at home since they don't seem to want to help. We will probably keep things at the bare minimum at school so he will graduate on time. I just want him to see that he is bright and can do anything he wants. He knows he may have physical limitations when he is older (his dad is fused to L4 and uncle is fused completely through spine), but I want to make sure he is able to have some kind of future working, especially if his body won't let him get up everyday.

He started school two days ago and already is posture and disposition changes. He comes home lays on his side and stays put for an hour. Then he seems ready to go again. I can just see it in his face and it breaks my heart.

Son age 16 diagnosed 2003, other adult children have symptoms but don't want to be tested (fear of losing insurance)