Stop Press! Eureka!!

I would like to hear if Tacitus [John] has any relief with a change to Vitamin B6 [Pyridoxine]

I have discovered that vitamin B6 is bringing down my sensitivity to starch, and subsequently the progression of the AS. ...Early days yet [GSD typeV disrupts the pyridoxal genetic site]

I also had a deficiency of carnitine.
I discovered that the initial large dose of B6 on its own brought a shredding of the inner lips surface and a prickling of the intestine. That I assumed was a lack of other B vitamins [B2? B3?] and the beginning of bowel problems [IBD? chrons? leaky gut syndrome?]
There are many types of Mcardles variations that are genetic glitches, probably causing at their extreme, some types of AS. [my theory] These are seriously under-diagnosed conditions.

Whats your theory John?

PreAS = STARCHfree, yoghurt, ,, meat , vitE, niacinamide,B complex
Fibro = antiviral, MAGNESIUM /B6
Arthritis in fingers = no potato fam. plants
Candour & laws differ from place to place