This story makes me so sad you tell, because it is mine exactly, all of it. I was told to get counseling for 'anxiety.' For about 10 years I suffered until I became totally paralyzed working seafood lines in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Then the HLA-B27 was tested positive. Wrists, facial bones, ribs front and back, mid-to-lower spine, tailbone, sacroiliac joints, all of it hurts like those blazing red heater coils in those expensive olden day plug-in heaters and I end up in the emergency room paralyzed unable to hold myself up or walk. It's disgusting. It makes me think it is over for me and I don't have very long to live. It has caused damage in the body, xrays show significant damage from mid-spine to tailbone and sacroiliitis in my sacroiliac joints.

I am going to try some hints at some pain triggers that are in the book, "Alkalize or Die" and get on a diet that stops acidity (celery, lots of it, has an alkalizing effect on the body), NO CAFFEINE, I can flare within 2-3 days of drinking one 2 shot white coffee per day for 2-3 days, and it gets ugly in the spine then. And, there is a new thing I found that has given some hope and energy I get at, called Essiac Tea from a Chippawa man that has passed but it is still made available. That with an alkaline diet may help you. I have trouble being consistent but it is taking away my ability to walk for good so I am looking for strength to give just about everything up. I can't walk in a couple days of eating raw broccoli, raw almonds, horsetail, silica, these things are disabling triggers. Please try to remain strong and get consistent onto something so you can see if trials prove useful to your overall life, like I'm going to try to do. Discipline can be so hard when you cook for everyone in the house and they expect what they consider "normal." It isn't normal to you though, it is really bad on our system, damaging.