Have you tried consultants in Arthritis in Flint, Mi? That is where I go. I see Dr Trudell, she's hard to get in to see. Took me a 4-5 month wait. There's also another rheumatologist there, can't remember the name. They are great doctors. My first visit was almost 4 hours. They have their own blood lab, bone density table and xray machines. I was xrayed at all joints and bone density first visit. Dr Trudell spent more than a half hour, maybe 45 minutes with me first visit.

phone number 810 230-2400

I transferred from another rheumy to her. Very satisfied.

62 years old flexeril, tramadol, tramadol er, percocet, lidoderm patch, flector patch, voltaren gel + other meds for other conditions + lots of vitamins