I am in the D.C. / NOVA area, looking for a good AS doctor- both in civilian/private practice and in the VA system. Can anyone recommend an AS specialist? I have encountered several bad ones.

The VA has not ruled on my claim yet. Any advice there?

I am also fighting the army to get a medical board (MEB).

I am a 19 year Army Reserve veteran (Major). I was in the Ft. Belvoir Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of my hips. The army docs say I do not have AS, however I do have *ALL* the symptoms! My army doctor certified that I was "fit for duty" pending total hip replacement on both hips (she said I could walk after the surgery to take the PT test!). The "fit" rating allowed her to request REFRAD (release from active duty) orders, so now I am left on the outside with no pay or benefits. I filed a VA claim in August 2010 when I was released, but it is still working thru the system. I have been fighting for a medical board, but the army will not even give me that. The army claims "pre-existing conditions" even though I have an approved line of duty with "service aggravation" and I was able to walk OK when I was mobilized a year earlier, and passed 2 PT tests. I meet the "8 year active duty" rule, but the army is also not following that.
Anybody else have this scenario? and any suggestions as to how to fight it? I am entitled to an MEB, PEB, and service compensation. How to get it?