I would like to recommend Dr Palella In Des Plaines Il. He spent almost an hour with me my first visit and was able to DX promptly! He returns my calls and is able to do all blood work and ex-rays in the office, saves me time! When I was having severe foot pain he was able to give me the cortisone shot right then! no going to see a podiatrist! He is awesome!

diagnosed USpA Nov 2010. Changed to As 2012. Low Vit D
suffered since teenager multiple surgeries.IBS, Migraines, carpal and tarsal tunnel, TMJ, (failed Enbrel& Humira),Started Remicade sept. 2012,Methotrexate,Prednisone,Relafen, Amitriptylin,Gabapentin, Fioricet, Topamax,,Protonix,Amlodipine, Vit. D, Folic acid,