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John, again I have to say - shame on you.

You know you cannot make a statement like:

she does not even have fused SIJ (she is B27 positive) yet, thanks to her diet

There is NO way to assign causality between those two variables.

Further, who cares? SIJ fusion has nothing to do with disease severity or prediction of later outcomes.

Furthermore, her father's hunched-over-ness has nothing to do with her own status or prognosis either, diet notwithstanding.

If you stick to FACTS people might possibly consider you TRUSTWORTHY.

WOW! I hadn't read this until now. I am so turned-off by your attitude, Jen.
Shame on YOU, not John, and the rest of you who think alike!
I am signing off for good from this forum even though there are some great people here.
I just don't want to deal with the others.