I agree! Some people seem to have control issues and want to jump in on topics for which they have no direct experience. They then want to use "scientific thought" to refute others' personal experiences and observations. I've come across quite a few people on other forums who were so disenchanted with this SAA forum that they quit it. The people who put out such rude and snide posts just need to relax and understand that very few of the users here have scientific or logic training. Let the people speak and butt out! On a good note: there's really just a few such arrogant people on this forum...most are really kind-hearted and willing to look past errors in logic, grammar, and usage.

AS symptoms started 1991. Official dx in 2006, with HLA-B27+, SIJ totally fused, bone spurs in back, and extreme rib/hip pain. Other family with SpA. Started Enbrel in 2006 with good results, but stopped in 2010 due to nerve damage. Now getting good results with no-starch diet.