I just re-read this topic and found myself thinking ...."remember when I had enough money to actually choose my diet".

Seems less relevant in the times we're in now. I do equate proper nutrition with good health, but let's be frank, things in America are not set up to deliver you proper nutrition.
There are conglomerates, corporate lobbies, hell the farm I used to work on used chemicals b/c if we didn't, we wouldn't have gotten a nice subsidy check.
I'm just saying, it's darned hard to really even feed one self reliably well in this day and age. That's not an excuse, that's a reality.
I wish I had the luxury of these diets sometimes. The simple fact is, my budget is not that of a meat eater, and starch is cheap. I know it's probably not doing my condition any favors.
I guess collectively, we all do what we can to get along. I know my disease has left me, financially, feeling really, really vulnerable. I think diet is really totally overlooked by most physicians, yet I usually can't seem to stick to (or afford) any variation from what I've known.

HLAb27+,Dx'd 2004, started in 97'.