Hello, Jacquie:

The best book to own for anyone with AS is Carol Sinclair's "The New IBS Low-Starch Diet," now available as an e-book via Amazon.

The NSD and Diet Forum at www.kickas.org has recipes and basic quick-start information. There are few resources here at SAA as most members are not very interested in this type of treatment which is only 'alternative' now because it remains outside the experience of most practitioners. However, there are over 150 peer-reviewed and published papers by Ebringer, et al suggesting 'substrate modulation' as an important treatment adjunct, along with more traditional medications.

However, beyond this point, I made the decision to further challenge the Ebringer claims and combined dietary starch restriction along with antibiotics and I had great results within four days--which turns out to be a primary time constant related to the disease mechanism. I have thus and thereby not had active AS for over a decade, but still contend daily with the permanent damage so many years of (mis/no)-treatments left me with.

You can avoid the damage, if You will,

Nota Bene: I am not a medical doctor, and my views do not represent the opinions of the SAA
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