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There are few resources here at SAA as most members are not very interested in this type of treatment which is only 'alternative' now because it remains outside the experience of most practitioners. However, there are over 150 peer-reviewed and published papers by Ebringer, et al suggesting 'substrate modulation' as an important treatment adjunct, along with more traditional medications.

That is not factual. SAA has little info on this diet because

"To date, none of these claims have been substantiated by rigorously controlled studies." (source: http://www.spondylitis.org/about/diet.aspx)

The published papers are theoretical in nature. They do not report on actual studies of the diet - using a control group. From http://www.spondylitis.org/about/diet_lowstarch.aspx

"In 1996, in a paper supporting his theory, Dr. Ebringer published the chart of one of the patients that he had been following over a period of time. The patientís sedimentation rate (ESR) showed a clear decline from 1983 to 1995, during which time he had followed the special diet. It is important to note that although ESR is sometimes used as a measure of disease activity in patients with arthritis, it is recognized that ESR levels in AS are not necessarily indicative of how well a patient feels. Dr. Ebringer believes that the lowering of said patientís ESR level demonstrated the success of the diet.

"Other studies have failed to duplicate the results of Ebringerís research into how a low starch diet influenced the growth of klebsiella in the gut and have found that the diet has little or no effect on symptoms." [emphasis added]

All that said, I am of a mind that although there's no evidence for it, it is unlikely to hurt anyone (provided caloric intake is adequate.) Jacquie, I hope that if you give the diet a try, it helps you!!

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