I was rated at first by the army board at 10% went back with a
lawyer and thank goodness the doctor on the board demanded that
they call the top rhemotologist in the army and very well respected doctor right then and there in my appeal hearing..to hear what he said...I believe only due to him I received a 30% rating that thank goodness put me out at 14 years with medical. The va rated me at 50% adding in separately my severe uveitis and something else I cannot remember. This was in 1994. I need now to go back and apply for unemployability since I am so severe I can no longer work and I cannot support my family on %1300 a month...the meds I have had to take have caused ulcers, severe anemia, and blockages in my small bowel...I also have severe apnea etc...I am concerned now to apply worried that I will be rated lower...do we know if we have any protection after 10 years..I will have 20 in 2014...and is the military reviewing all AS cases?? I was told the severity of my condition and Uveitis..where I was cared for at Walter Reed and almost died I should have received at least 60% when I was put out.