Thanks for all the feedback. He took a funny turn last night at college scouting camp. He started getting bad stomach cramps and when he finished last night, he spent half the night dry heaving. He admitted he was not as fit as he would like to be for pre-season, but then today was even worse with little exertion. Hoping it's just a bug, but why on earth did it have to hit when he's in front of the scouts??!!

Kim: finishing the PhD SOMETIME in 2013! Dx'd with Undifferentiated Spondyloropathy (officially!) in October 2010 and gastroperesis in August 2011, now adding Sjorgren's and VERTIGO to the mix. Mom to 1 daughter with AS (on FULL disability), and 2 sons with UDiff (1 a graphic designer-freelance and 1 an elite level soccer player). Taking Enbrel (Oct. 2012) and Sulfasalezine (spring? 2011)