What are the chances it can be passed on to our kids. I thought it was very rare and skipped generations as his parents and siblings and grand parents do not have this. Also would be able to describe me how the pain feels if that makes any sense i have heard people compare the pain to labour is this true. I don,t really no what else he is taking I no he's taken tramdol which he is loving at the moment as his old fav was omaperazole.

he is taking some diazepan which he rarely takes. He has so many it's hard to keep track. Yes I am not from the USA I'm Irish and we don't do that whole thearpy thing it's quit taboo here that only people with mental conditions and stuff go to. I did raise the issue of therapy before and he just laughed in my face but he is a typical man that ignores problems like they do not exist

And your right I do not no if I could bare seeing my children be in pain or like him in any way. I guess I was just spoilt in the first two years that he's condition never affected anything and now I'm dealing with the hard stuff and the mood swings that come with the pain. I have suggested he try sum thing other than Humira but he says he can,t be bothered going through all that fuss again. I really don't no what to do to help him. He obviously does nt want my help the pericarditis is the thing worrying me most at the moment.

There is so much to discuss its where to start and to get him to take me seriously and the docter defiantly said that the bloody stools where Humira because he got the cameras to look inside his intestines and stuff no ulcers nothing they said it was perfect and that's why he kept getting discharged.

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