That spoon theory was good. Helped a little so did your stubbed toe seriously is that stingy pain what him yourself and everyone go through daily. I can kinda of understand why he shouts at me sometimes and why he needs his alone time. I could never imagine living every day with that stingy pain

We kind of spook about things last night. He explained the reason he does not like talking to me about this is because it depresses him and the questions I have he's not ready to answer and apparently his mom is annoying him every day with questions about his pain. I don't like saying disease. I know pretending nothing is wrong is bad but maybe that's just what he needs at the moment.

I would not be surprised if he is keeping the servarity of what is going on with him at the moment from me. And I know your gi system does not bleed for no reason I said this to him as well. But the docters here just seem to be crap and no use at all. I really could not believe when we where there for pains in his chest and the docter telling him he had arthuritis and he had to learn to manage the pain. That was so rude. Epically because he had the pericartious. Thank you for taking the time to speak to me about this

As for the camera the used the pill one up his bottom to look around second time hospitalised they went the throat root down to cancel the upper part that they missed out on the first time round.

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