I bet you feel like my husband does. I have recently been dx with AS and a year ago fibro. He feels helpless and I know its not his fault but I am in so much pain I get snappy with him for no reason, then I feel horrible about it. I almsot feel lime I shouldn't tell him too much because he truely wants to help and has no clue how. So we talked a few weeks ago and I told him that just having him sit with me and watch Tv or lay in his lap helps me feel close to him even though its difficult sometimes because of the pain I tryto put my best face forward. On bad days I justhave to tell him... "today is really bad I'm sorry if I'm snappy or don't show affection today... I just want u to know" he seems to be able to handle it better if I offer how I feel. Men maybe have a harder time doing this and as a woman I know u want to do anything u can for him. He may be depressed because of what his body is doing to him. I know I am. A supportive partner is very helpful and it sounds lime u are trying ur hardest. Just hold on to the hope that his Dr will find something that helps him. Good luck.

Jamie, 29, mother of a wild 3 year old, wife of super supportive college student husband, dx with fibro, IA, spondoloarthropalthy, depression, anxiety. HLA-B27 positive. First sign of IA spondo in 1999, first fibro attack/flare up in 2010. taking sulfasalzine, enbrel, neurontin, hydrocodone, buspirone, celexa, zanaflex, xanax. Wanting my body back!