Thank u both so much. Maybe I am .. ok I AM being impatient. I want the treatment to work NOW! As we all know it wont. smile I am more down right now because of a bad flare and some weight gain due to the inactivity during the flare. I have had some very good days a couple of months ago, a few weeks even. I just got my hopes up that this was it, I was better. I'm learning as this goes on that every day is different. I'm such a routine person that the unpredictability of every day has really thrown me off. When I feel better I do light yoga and stretching. It hurts, but I always feel better afterwards. Thank you for the support, as u very well know we can use all we can get. And yes, sequoia,I have a WONDERFUL loving family that does everything in their power to help me through this. That is irreplaceable.

Jamie, 29, mother of a wild 3 year old, wife of super supportive college student husband, dx with fibro, IA, spondoloarthropalthy, depression, anxiety. HLA-B27 positive. First sign of IA spondo in 1999, first fibro attack/flare up in 2010. taking sulfasalzine, enbrel, neurontin, hydrocodone, buspirone, celexa, zanaflex, xanax. Wanting my body back!