Wow that sounds like my life! I feel you. I stood for 7 hrs straight at work yesterday and I had just started to feel better. Then today the pain is back again. Went bday shopping for my baby girl and have had to put my feet up for the past three hours because my knees swelled so bad. We only shopped for an hour!! I'm so tired of this taking control of my life. I have also been on enbrel, just did my 4th injection yesterday and I agreed with you I AM SO READY FOR IT TO WORK!! good luck and I hope we are all feeling better soon. The weather here has been changing a lot, this is my first fall season since my dx and obvious problems besides back pain. Stay strong girl.

Jamie, 29, mother of a wild 3 year old, wife of super supportive college student husband, dx with fibro, IA, spondoloarthropalthy, depression, anxiety. HLA-B27 positive. First sign of IA spondo in 1999, first fibro attack/flare up in 2010. taking sulfasalzine, enbrel, neurontin, hydrocodone, buspirone, celexa, zanaflex, xanax. Wanting my body back!