I was 22 when the pain down my legs through the burdock's started. De did xrays tried nsaids even bexrea when it was on the market. Just this year, about 2 months ago I got my dx finally. I don't know if it was because my disease became so active recently Oe simply finding the right Dr. Have they tested your SED rate in your labs? If not, ask for it. I have seronegative arthritis so my RA and ANA are fine but my SED is extremely elevated. But I am HLA-B27 positive. Good luck ask for a second opinion from a rhumey!

Jamie, 29, mother of a wild 3 year old, wife of super supportive college student husband, dx with fibro, IA, spondoloarthropalthy, depression, anxiety. HLA-B27 positive. First sign of IA spondo in 1999, first fibro attack/flare up in 2010. taking sulfasalzine, enbrel, neurontin, hydrocodone, buspirone, celexa, zanaflex, xanax. Wanting my body back!