No, haven't tried any injections other than the sterile shots in my hip that my GP used to give me. Not IN the hip I guess, they were just a regular injection for general relief. Do you know about how long my rhumey will keep me on enbrel before trying a different biologic? I am so mew to all this and very scared. I just need some relief, in fact I have decided that the pain I have was easier to deal with than the swelling. Just last summer I was running 3 miles a day 4 days a week! I am appalled at how quickly this disease has taken over my life. I feel like I am greiving the death of my previous life. Is this normal? Thanks so much for the reply!!

Jamie, 29, mother of a wild 3 year old, wife of super supportive college student husband, dx with fibro, IA, spondoloarthropalthy, depression, anxiety. HLA-B27 positive. First sign of IA spondo in 1999, first fibro attack/flare up in 2010. taking sulfasalzine, enbrel, neurontin, hydrocodone, buspirone, celexa, zanaflex, xanax. Wanting my body back!