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Muscle relaxers are only available by Rx. If I were you, I'd stay away from them, due to their addiction potential. Good to hear from you. Glad your life is so full these days. Makes me happy to hear.

I was told that Flexeril has tendencies to make one relapse and was given a different muscle relaxant. Methocarbomal was one of them, but gave me headaches. They gave me Tizanidine.

Just wondering how to cut down on doctor visits.
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I'm a believer in Midol or Doans.......

Can't take NSAIDS due to kidney issues.

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There is a melt mmade by hylands that is all natural and helps with muscle cramps. Its nothing compared to rx but it does help calm them down a bit. Its in a small orange box and the ingredient starts with a q. Hope that helps u some.

I'll check it out. Probably ask the pharmacist first to see if I should ask a doctor as well for permission...


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