hey husky, long time. good to hear from you! i would LOVE to take the muscle relaxants, but they don't go with my myasthenia gravis, LOL. darn! anyway, i am taking japanese acupuncture now, and she leaves tiny "to go" needles (with a thumbtac size patch over the 1/16th needle) in all the AS places. in addition to having reduced pain, and reducing my pain meds, i have lost inflammation. i am not advocating this for anyone but me, but it does work for me. i have found that i am taking too much myasthenia meds for the difference in my body. so, i have cut that too. tho it doesn't really have a side effect. if you don't have MG, then you don't use that med. not for anything else. since the ac, my muscles have no where near the spasm they did, either.

all in all better, just like you. i vote for the weather being the culprit. it is for me, without question. a front change causes severe problems and pain.

take care and write more often. tho, we know folks don't write so often when they are doing well. there is a very popular topic that has a thousand pages, on what works, or good news or whatever the title is, by peg. good reading.

take care, and take it easy...

blessings, s.