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I was told that Flexeril has tendencies to make one relapse and was given a different muscle relaxant. Methocarbomal was one of them, but gave me headaches. They gave me Tizanidine. Just wondering how to cut down on doctor visits.

Tizanidine works well for me. You say they gave it to you. Have you tried it? If it's being prescribed by a doctor that you need to see for other things anyway, it shouldn't be cause for a special visit. My orthopaedist originally prescribed it, but my rheumatologist has taken over the script now since I no longer see the orthopaedist with any frequency.

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I'm a believer in Midol or Doans.......

Can't take NSAIDS due to kidney issues.

The version of Midol that I take doesn't contain any NSAIDs. It certainly isn't anything like a muscle relaxant either though. It's just tylenol (for pain/"cramping"), caffeine (stimulant), and a diuretic (for bloating). The extended relief and the liquid gel versions do contain NSAIDs though.

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