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I am in the UK and new to this forum.

The UK - NASS Website goes one stage further and follows the line that Jen was alluding to. They actually say that diet cannot be studied!

It says of the Ebringer Research -

"It is difficult to research into diet. When new medicines are tested the researchers might give one group the new medicine and another group a dummy or placebo medicine. Even the doctors treating the patients in the medical trial might not be told which patients are taking the trial medicine and which the dummy medicine so that this knowledge does not influence the results. This is known as a double blind trial. We know from research that double blind trials, in which neither the patient, nor the observer knows which treatment has been given, is the best way to show if a treatment actually works.

However, when researchers experiment with diet and try to look at how diet can influence disease, it is impossible to carry out certain research protocols such as using controls or dummy treatments. Neither the person eating the diet nor the person taking measurements after the diet can be blinded as to which diet has been used. It's also not possible to confirm that someone is sticking rigidly to the diet without any lapses.

For this reason NASS can neither give its sanction nor refute the hypothesis that the low starch diet will help patients with AS. It remains a hotly debated subject among doctors. We do however offer the main principles below. It is always important to check with your doctor or member of the rheumatology team before trying any new diet."

And this is tucked away at the bottom of the NASS pages on diet, underneath their primary advice to eat a balanced diet with grains etc. Their stance on any diet research is effectively condeming any success on diet as 'anecdotal'. In light of the pain being sufferred by 10's possibly 100's of thousands - this is truly criminal.

Even their advice on the NSD is dreadful - 'No restriction on beverages'. Beer and Guiness (grain based) caused my hips to flare for weeks. I just have to live with wine and chocolate for my treats instead grin

We are all being duped in to the authoratative nature of these big budget sometimes 'pharma' backed websites.

I urge anyone reading this to give diet a go - I am not NSD but have had good success on strict elinination of Corn, Wheat, most dairy, barley, rye etc. I do avoid all starches for periods if I have a flare and it works - not always immediately and as Tacticus said on another one of his passionate posts might take 200 hours or more. I recognise that I am one of the lucky ones - and am committed (as I can see others are on this thread) to help others.

If you have Crohns - do NSD or look up SCD. Heal the gut first then work eliminating possible food allergies that you may have developed from the damaged gut.

I have a question for others on the this thread - do you think that there are other factors to the autoimmune than just Klebsiella. From my experience I think there might be other "Molecular Mimicry" responses to food proteins?

My observations are that my ongoing semi-contained now mild AS effect certain joints (back, sometimes ribs, sternum), yet if I ingest wheat it throws lots of other joints and organs off. Dairy attacks my skin.

There is a chap that posted on another site that has a website blog called 100percenthealth.us and he has been eliminating allergies with some success as well as a LSD.

I saw some of Tacticus earlier posts - from back in 2006. Classic work and the softer sell is starting to bite!

Strength to you all - there is not a cure but there is another way!

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Strength to you all! Whatever you try...

About 75% better than the worst I have been... but still flare from time to time - I do NSD or LSD in emergencies but always restrict wheat, corn, rye and other grains. Have helped friends with my experiences - 20 years now!
Here is a link to my story -