Thanks - I stand corrected on the Ebringer Diet. I confuse my own regime with the original NSD.

For me this raises a few red flags - as I have strong view that a factor in the initial damage to the gut is linked to gluten intolerance, as this is too common to be ignored in non AS sufferers let alone us more sensitive soles.

I have followed a strict grain free (including beverages) for about 20 years now - my AS kicked in at 19 - but I caught it at 26 with my diet and supplements. I think the supplements - especially magnesium may not only help to keep my bones and ligaments (manganese too) stronger against the disease but it also creates a high alkaline gut thus creating a hostile environment for klebsiella to thrive.

I found the SCD diet by Elaine Gotterscall before I first saw the NSD diet and this too eliminates all starches including complex sugars polysaccharides that can feed the klebsiella and other gram negative bacteria. It differentiates grain based beverage from other alcohol like wine and apple cider.

These are some of the many reasons why I would not recommend beers on an elimination diet for fighting AS.

As for the neutral position taken by NASS and SAA on "the diet" - it is not what it says it is how it says it - I would say it damns with faint praise.

For reading further to inspire anyone who might want to understand how what we eat impacts health -

[*]Google - an amazing vet that improved his own health once he realised what was making dogs ill!

[*]Also search for Terry Wahls - who treated her own advanced MS with diet

[*]Lastly - seek out the 100's of success stories on and plenty here too - we are not anecdotes we are fact - each one of us is evidence of another way to try and fight this horrible disease. It's not an easy way...

I have a question for the non diet followers here - what do you think an initial AS sufferer at age 17 or a JIA suffering 12 year old should be advised first by the medical profession? I see children with sore knees being prescribed Methodrexate by doctors that because of the unproven (unstudied) diet options - although well meaning might be initiating the common cycle I see of 1 drug then the next drug - then the experimental drug later on - damaging the gut lining of that child as they attempt to "do good".

If Ebringer and others are right then I think his protocols should be attempted at the very first stages before we potentially go down these well trodden paths. I must also add that Ebringer has published other Molecular Mimicry work in 2010 related to Rheumatoid Arthritis and cross reaction to a bacteria "proteus mirabilis". Similarly the streptococcus bacteria is implicated in Psioratic arthritis. Let alone auto-immune reaction as a result of complex food proteins such as casein and gliadin.

The genie is out of he bottle and It will be difficult to cover this up much longer - I believe the real saviours will come from the celiac and gluten research areas as their focus is diet - although I am beginning to doubt some of their motives too. They are developing a pill that allows people to carry on eating foods that cause celiac - they have also proved that there are many prior stages to celiac and they want all potential celiacs to take this pill too. Clever so and so's making money out our addiction to our western diet. Ref - Dr. Fasano - University of Maryland.

Strength to you all - whatever you try!

Strength to you all! Whatever you try...

About 75% better than the worst I have been... but still flare from time to time - I do NSD or LSD in emergencies but always restrict wheat, corn, rye and other grains. Have helped friends with my experiences - 20 years now!
Here is a link to my story -