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I have a question for the non diet followers here - what do you think an initial AS sufferer at age 17 or a JIA suffering 12 year old should be advised first by the medical profession?

Initial treatment recommendations for these and every disease should be based upon the available evidence. If certain treatment options are supported by strong evidence they should be tried first. If the most strongly supported options do not work, cause side effects, etc. then you move on to other treatments with less supporting data.

If Ebringer and others are right then I think his protocols should be attempted at the very first stages....

I agree - IF they are right. The trouble is that using a dietary approach as the initial treatment is unsupportable based on the existing evidence (or, in this case, due to the LACK of evidence recommending this approach.)

The genie is out of he bottle and It will be difficult to cover this up much longer

What genie? Nothing is being "covered up." Ebringer's theories are out in the world. We just need the research to provide an evidence basis for whether or not (or when) the dietary approach should be recommended/tried.

They are developing a pill that allows people to carry on eating foods that cause celiac .... Ref - Dr. Fasano - University of Maryland.

Fascinating!! Can you provide more info on this? I'd love to read more.

Although I'm not an adherent to the diet, I'm not against it; maybe I'll even try it one day! I see no reason informed adults shouldn't try dietary approaches if they so desire. Like NMT said, the NSD is unlikely to be harmful provided the person trying it is careful to meet their basic nutritional needs.

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