my partner diagnosed with AS 3 years back had to take remicade in such short period of time because of his increasing inflammation within 3 yrs..all peripheral joints are affected, rib cage also most probably as he often complains of having some sort of oesophageal spasms..has frequent flares of uveitis and puts on steroids on eyes..
his disease process started at 11-12 years of age as enthisitis,later diagnosed as juvenile spondyloarthritis,later at 18 yrs when sacroilitis was evident on xrays got final diagnosis of AS..
he is on NSAIDS, MTX, Sulfasalazine and have taken 2 doses of remicade..nevertheless he is not totally off pain...frequent uveitis troubles him..and i can find no studies regarding the disease course and its prognosis...unlike in cancer they clearly mention about the life span of affected person,,i hav not gotten any idea about AS in these matters? will we be able to live happily together till atleast we are 60's? or till how long in average am i going to get to live with my partner? any knowledge regarding the prognosis of AS starting at early age would be highly appreciated.