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Conclusion from this report was
"In this case report, a patient with a two-year history of enthesitis-related arthritis experienced a total resolution of symptoms after avoiding certain inciting antigens and correcting her nutritional deficiencies. Although the conventional approach to enthesitis-related arthritis manages to control patient symptoms and maintain function, years of chronic disease and reliance on medications is not ideal if remission is possible with less toxic measures. Enforcing dietary changes and taking required supplements to address specific nutritional deficiencies requires a high level of commitment on the part of patients and their families, but may offer a better quality of life than the current standard of care. Thus, prior to commencing potentially toxic pharmaceutical interventions, the authors suggest that it is reasonable to consider a detailed assessment and remediation of nutritional biochemistry; an eight-week trial of avoidance of common inciting antigens; and exploration and management of any underlying bio-accumulated toxicant load resulting from adverse environmental exposures."

Why cant this be the normal approach rather than the exception!

Strength to you all! Whatever you try...

About 75% better than the worst I have been... but still flare from time to time - I do NSD or LSD in emergencies but always restrict wheat, corn, rye and other grains. Have helped friends with my experiences - 20 years now!
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