I saw one of your other posts regarding a treatment that reacted with you - you said

"I once had a systemic hypersensitivity reaction to EYE DROPS (antibiotic, not steroid, but still - amazing how things can go body-wide!)"

and not least

More than few chihuahuas there for the naysayers.

Wait 5 years and "evidence based" will have to get their heads out the sand and start revealing the evidence that I am sure many have known about for 10+ years.

I joked with a colleague about 15 years ago (he used laugh at my no wheat stance, before I we had Internet!) - I said that within my lifetime there will be a recognition of the damage that some of our staples are doing to us.

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Strength to you all! Whatever you try...

About 75% better than the worst I have been... but still flare from time to time - I do NSD or LSD in emergencies but always restrict wheat, corn, rye and other grains. Have helped friends with my experiences - 20 years now!
Here is a link to my story -