Vitamin d is only present in milk due to fortification with vitamin D2 - which is not a particularly absorbable form. There is more absorbable calcium in broccoli and other green vegetables than milk - partly due to its balance of protein and magnesium. I haven't had a drink of milk for 20 years and have black coffee - my children do not drink milk either. If I eat ice cream or cream then my skin erupts - for me and others dairy = eczema. In the UK some people have started to move to goats milk to avoid the casein.

As you said - if you have a reaction to a food then remove it - especially if its poisoning you.

The reason I attached those links to your previous post was to highlight that there is gut damage from gluten even in non-celiacs - and there are other studies that show flattening of villi in non celiac and seemingly healthy people. I guess from your posts that you are already aware of this stuff - but given your wonder and surprise that a small amount of something can have such a systemic reaction in the body - made me think about your scepticism and reluctance to try diet & supplements for yourself and to some degree deter others.

My view is that as the research points towards for a lot of us

Susceptible genes + diet = gut damage = malabsorption = triggers allergy to some dietary proteins

Gut damage + some dietry proteins / bacteria = inflammation and autoimmune

Therefore removing the offending dietary allergens (might be different in each person - wheat, corn, dairy, eggs) and then if necessary reducing levels of bacteria that we might have developed auto-immune responses to. In AS the research has focused on Klebsiella but my AS came back out of 2 year remission following a severe tummy bug. In Rheumatoid the focus is Proteus Mirabilis and in PSA the target culprit is Streptococcus (also implicated in Autism nearly all have crohns).

As others have said - autoimmune reactions can work across the gut and other mucous membranes (nostrils) so there can always be a battle.

I can see that many that many on medication for a long time or have lots if damage from their arthritis - do not have as many options - but I feel very strongly that newly diagnosed or even undiagnosed people reading this thread should be aware of his information before buying wholesale in to standard medical treatments.

Strength to you all! Whatever you try...

About 75% better than the worst I have been... but still flare from time to time - I do NSD or LSD in emergencies but always restrict wheat, corn, rye and other grains. Have helped friends with my experiences - 20 years now!
Here is a link to my story -