Hi, After 2 1/2 years of taking my teen to various doctors, he has been diagnosed with AS. I've done much research in that time and agree he probably has AS. However, I have questions that the docs just don't seem to answer so I thought maybe some of you could tell me if his symptoms are characteristic of AS. In addition to the hip and spine pain that comes and goes, he has muscle aches that move around. This week it is chest that hurts - pressure, like someone is sitting on it; another time it'll be his upper arm muscle that aches for weeks, or a thigh muscle. This is pain that keeps him up at night and prevents him from walking. Additionally, he continually has something similar to an arrythmia. You can see and feel a rapid beating of a sort in his chest or in a vessel along side his heart. The cardiologist has run tests and sees nothing wrong with his heart. Even the monitor he wore came up with nothing. But the rapid beating continues. Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone? Thank you so much.
A Mom