Hi Mom,
Yes they sound very familiar to me. I just had a bout of the heaviness in the chest this past week. If you touch the breast bone it hurts. To take a deep breath hurts. eek Also the pain in the muscles can be referred pain. Were the pain in really in the joint or ligaments and is causing the muscles to hurt. I have this in my left shoulder. It can cause pain down my arm to almost my elbow. Below is a link to help with more information. Please feel free to ask any question you might have. We have a wealth of information on this board and willing to share it.

Sorry to hear you son has this awful disease. The good new (if you can call it that ) Is that now you know what it is you can treat it and hopefully prevent any damage to his spine and other joints. I wish I had known when I first had symptoms. mad Maybe then I could have stopped my neck from fusing.



Take One Day At A Time and Leave The Rest Up to God.
Dxed with AS, Ulcerative Colitis, Fused C2-C7, Bi-lateral SI joint fusion.
Meds are: Humira, Imuran, Lialda, Skelaxin (during the day), Flexeril (at night), and Narco, Tramadol.