Thank you all for responding. What a wealth of information you have given me. Now I must study each issue you all have shared and then assimilate it with what I already have and know about my son. I'll try to respond to each one of you. We will try the potassium to see if that helps the fast beating in his chest. This disease is so confusing, because for the past week he has been pretty much pain free. He's gone as long as 6 weeks without pain. Actually, the pain is really an ache - aches in what he describes as his muscles. That's why I didn't think it was presenting like AS. The docs didn't explain about referred pain/ache. The sneezing I referred to was just a normal sneeze. But the pain AFTER he sneezes is excrutiating - radiating through his chest and usually down his arm. The pain lasts at least 10 minutes each time. This pain comes and goes. He'll be able to sneeze for a month or two and then it'll be back and he just dreads sneezing. Does anyone experience such a thing? Can anyone describe a "typical" flare? I've never had it explained so I don't know if Taylor's episodes with bad aches is a "flare". Thanks.
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