So far, my son is not anemic. The rapid pulse seems to be evident in a vessel to or from the heart. You can see it rapidly pulsating. I can't tell if it is heart arrythmia or rather a weakness in a vessel wall. That is what concerns me. Regarding the sneezing, you've reaffirmed that this is an effect of AS. It is the jarring of the sneeze that causes the radiating pain. I just hadn't heard of that and no one had mentioned it before. Now, can anyone explain or describe a flare? My son has many good days and sometimes weeks, then the ache will return in a new place. Is that a flare? Also, many of you say an early diagnosis is good because you can treat and fight the disease. Do you mean that you can treat with drugs and exercise? So many questions are being answered. Thanks. I probably would have spent days, months, and years trying to diagnose a second disease of the muscles. Now I'm beginning to understand his aches and pains are symptoms of AS. Lastly, I don't think he has had a Lupus workup. Someone mentioned that. I'll research this more. Mom Advocate