Hi Bamboospine, That's quite a story. It's so long, I'm afraid that I haven't yet read it in detail... I did a bit of skimming in parts :-) I hope people find relief from modifying their diet. I've found a food sensitivity that sets off flares. I did notice that 'Sinclair recently discovered via genetic testing that she had AS all along.' I see that concept confused a lot. There is not a genetic test that determines AS. Most people that have AS have certain genetic markers, but the reverse is not true. Most people with those same genetic markers do not ever get AS. Oddly, having the gene alone (without other signs) means that you are statistically likely not to have AS. So, having a genetic test alone can't tell if a person is going to get or had AS. Also, as a long time member of the SAA, I personally think the wording was a bit harsh with the SAA. Before the SAA, there was no support for people with AS, next to no information on AS and very, very little being done to find a cure. Diet is an issue that comes up at my SAA support group meetings and people discuss their experiences openly. Thanks for bringing awareness to AS and for writing the article. I really found the history very interesting and thought provoking.

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