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Hi John, thanks for your feedback. I am sorry to hear of what AS has done to you, it has given me a monstrous wake-up call- AS does not burn out and miraculously disappear- it needs to be treated or it will get the better of you.

Regarding the NSAID issue, as a new AS sufferer, I am caught between Joel Godin's low starch diet (which, for someone active is tough because I need carbs to perform in the pool etc) and NSAIDs.

I copied this from the website of the brand of NSAID that I am using:

"Traditional NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen or diclofenac, block the action of both COX-1 and COX-2, and this is why they can sometimes cause side effects such as stomach irritation and peptic ulcers. Etoricoxib belongs to a new generation of NSAIDs that selectively block the action of COX-2. This means that it stops the production of inflammatory prostaglandins, without stopping the production of prostaglandins that protect the stomach and intestines. It therefore reduces pain and inflammation, but is less likely than traditional NSAIDs to cause side effects on the stomach and intestines (although such side effects are still possible).

This medicine can be taken with or without food, but may start to work quicker if taken without food."

2 things: 1stly, what do you think about the promise of cox 2 being blocked? and avoiding the severe damage like you have experienced? granted that your damage was caused by NSAIDs, I am assuming that these are the traditional ones referred to, this may be naivety on my part, but it could just be that arcoxia (with Etoricoxib as the chief ingredient)- may avoid what you went through. I have been on arcoxia for 2 years on and off now, and have considered going for blood tests that could reveal organ damage (apparently they can do this sort of thing- incredible)- if not for piece of mind, it could be the kind of thing that makes my life with AS more bearable.

Secondly, the company (still referring to the quote),is so cocky about the fact that the stomach isnt damaged that they are willing to say "This medicine can be taken with or without food, but may start to work quicker if taken without food."

anyone with half a brain cell knows that you dont take medication on an empty stomach- this is asking for trouble- this kind of statement concerns me because ppl may actually adhere to this advice and get long-term damage because of it. The cockiness of this comment makes me wonder if they aren't trying to hard to show that the stomach isnt damaged.Like they have something to prove because of criticism about long-term use.

but seriously, what options do I have? The diet is incredibly difficult to start, let alone stick to- everything has starch in it- most vegetables will become starchy when cooked, one is reduced to becoming a mixture btw a rabbit and a carnivore- I would love to know what health implications apply to depriving the body of starches in general and to consuming higher quantities of meat (obviously not as bad as AS, but still a factor to be considered)

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no no no AS can and does go into remission all by itself sometimes WITHOUT the so called wonder diets.....mine went into remission for a whole ten years and diet played no part whatsoever.i am so sick of the hard sell