I am also negative. Sadly I think there are still far too many doctors who give it a lot of weight judging by my own experiences and others on this forum. In addition to the HLAB27 there also still seems to be an issue with women not getting a DX because some docs still see it as a men's illness. The first rhuemy I saw about 3 years ago seemed to think both were very important. She basically told me that I couldn't have AS because I was a 38 year old woman and HLAB27 negative( even though I have a history of lower back and SIJ issues going back to my teens) and I couldn't have PsA because I wasn't having problems with my hands or feet (even though I have psoriasis). About six months later I started losing ROM in my neck and all of the reasons that I had gone to her to begin with just kept getting worse. I was a real mess by the time I got to my current rhuemy in January 2012. She is trying her best to stop any further damage and help me get my life back, God bless her. I actually cried with relief at my first appointment with her, finally someone cared and acknowledged that it wasn't all in my head. I also find it funny that she gave me a dual DX of the exact things I was told I couldn't have. She doesn't really think I actually have both but I meet the criteria for both and it keeps my treatment options open.

Kat, 42, mother of two great kids and wife to a great husband who manages to help me with my battles and still fight his own. AS/PsA (weird, I know) diagnosed Jan 2012, IBS, psoriasis. Suffered with back issues since my teens. Failed Enbrel due to bad reaction, started Humira 06/01/12, only helped briefly.Started Remicade 01/28/13 had severe reaction to the 4th infusion.currently off of biologics.
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