Having a positive result doesn't necessarily mean the diagnosis will 'stick' (in my case I was blown off from 1986 to 2010 when a Cervical MRI showed widespread damage). That most likely was a result of lack of care but also, the misconception with Women and some reports suggesting the development in the genders can differ.

A question recently asked on a Facebook forum was, "If you could go back to the time of your diagnosis, what advice would you give others?". (possible ad lib but the jest as remembered).

The ONE things I would scream and holler (okay - I'm from the South) about is be your own advocate, keep a good record of what tests or evaluations (with results/readings) have been conducted and what roads you have traveled.

Most of the doctors I had after I was diagnosed claimed to be well versed in symptoms of AS but in reflection, they appeared to be narrowly focused on the most extreme, damaged cases and several coldly denied considering AS. Very black and white attitudes. I think a lot of folks here can tell you stories of their challenges.

A few months ago I started going back and requesting the records for as far back as was available. With what was accessible, a clear pattern was evident BUT, I also found a concern flagged by the Radiologist that was never addressed.

I can't change my past but my soapbox might help another change their future. Good luck NorthCentralFL! smile