BeckySue, your story about your heels reminds me of my neck issues. The first person to mention anything about it was a chiro I had gone to b/c I was desperate for answers/help and was getting nowhere with my PCP or rhuemy. He was very thorough and did a full set of x-rays before he did anything else. He told me that I had some "straightening" of my C-spine (my neck never hurt at that time) and also noted numerous "spurs" and other issues throughout my spine that he said were unusual for someone my age. Neither my PCP or then rhuemy had really mentioned any of this. He actually tried to treat me for a few weeks but nothing he did helped. Thankfully he was very careful b/c of what he saw on the x-rays and urged me to go back to my PCP and push them to figure out what was going on. About 6-8 months after I first saw him I started getting terrible muscle spasms in my neck and within a couple of months I lost most of my ROM there. My then PCP still wasn't taking things very seriously (I had a long list of other axial symptoms as well as very high SED rate and CRP) and my then rhuemy was apparently a total quack. I had to change PCPs before I got anywhere. It's really terrible that with all of the knowledge out there we have to fight so hard to get a DX. This stuff kicks our butts enough without having to "beg" for proper treatment. mad

Kat, 42, mother of two great kids and wife to a great husband who manages to help me with my battles and still fight his own. AS/PsA (weird, I know) diagnosed Jan 2012, IBS, psoriasis. Suffered with back issues since my teens. Failed Enbrel due to bad reaction, started Humira 06/01/12, only helped briefly.Started Remicade 01/28/13 had severe reaction to the 4th infusion.currently off of biologics.
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