I am also Hla-b27 negative. I didn't get a Dx until I was in my late 60's. I had one Rheumy say that I had the symptoms of AS, but I couldn't have it because I was Hla-b27 negative, female and old. He said that people with As were Hla-b27 positive, male and in their 20's. My GP and my present Rheumy pay no attention to Hla-b27, but pay a lot of attention to my high SED rate.

Suffering since a teenager.Dx with AS Dec 2009. Dx with ulcerative colitis 1998, both knees replaced 2006. GP said I had "some kind of inflammatory arthritis" 25 years ago. It has taken 50 years to get a Dx.

Mobic, Nexium, Naproxin, Lipitor, 6-MP, Nexium, Miacalcam, MSContin and 2 Norco for break through pain