I'm HLA-B27 positive (but what does it matter since the weight of it is not that strong) but, the more I read about mis-diagnoses (or total void of any), the more I shake my head. In reflection it seems the doctors I've encountered were avoiding the consideration of AS like it was the plague! I don't get it. Is there something to gain for them?

As early as three years ago, I had a well thought of Doctor say he seriously doubted I had it but within weeks I had an MRI that defined my cervical as, "pretty well covered with AS" (per the Radiologist's comment to me). I just don't understand what's in it for them to be so resistant, especially if you were already diagnosed.

For anyone new to AS, I HIGHLY recommend you document as much as possible and keep a file because it seems resistance of keeping the label will be challenged during your journey.