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So I know he wants to help me, which makes his stubborn refusal to concede I am afflicted by SpA and nothing else all the more hurtful - and personal.

I DO understand the 'personal' comment..hence my harping that people need to be their own advocate because after being told over and over I don't have it, I walked away (and even the one doctor that felt my getting aggravated was a sign I needed to be put on anxiety meds [never filled the prescription after I found out what it was]), but heck yeah, after a while, it gets old hearing it, having the Rad reports (but them refusing to look at them), etc.

If it were a choice and I knew then what I know now, I would have challenged them with the backing I have (now).

I think still, there is a lack of broad knowledge of AS in the medical community and a person versed in it should be the only one able to proclaim or deny it (like I didn't know the sweats or the eyes or the enthesitis, etc. were symptomatic of AS).

Anyway - hugs Jen as I know that is a real bubble blower (and mental set back).