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Over 50% of AS+B27- presenting to the AS Middlesex Clinic, actually retested B27+; the serological test is highly flawed and many people who 'think' they are negative would become positive with proper (Fc or ELISA) testing.

Hi John,

Sorry that I missed this post! It is very informative. I was not aware of the flaws in the serological test. Sometimes I think about pursuing the best possible rheumatologist again to see if they will re-examine all of my symptoms, and maybe do more genetic testing, but then I realize that they wouldn't be able to treat my disorder anymore effectively regardless of what they found. I doubt that I am a good candidate for the new biologics because I can be prone to infection. However, the underlying mystery of this disorder does make one wonder about the specifics. I sure do wish they would put more money into research.

Thanks again John. Have a great day! smile

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