"Here is another odd feature of my systemic disorder. I had a tremendous amount of extra bone growth throughout my body during my most severe flare period at age 30. I used to have a cute gap between my top two front teeth, which closed due to all of the bone growth just above and to each side of them. "
NorthCentralFl -

I have a strange collarbone, where the right half is visibly much bigger than the left side. This came on slowly, but I know it wasn't this way in my teens, as I have photos showing the sides completely matching back then. My rheumy actually noticed it before I did. Since it doesn't seem to cause me any problems ( other than my necklaces don't hang evenly ) I pretty much ignore it. Last year, I noticed that a bony bump had developed on the end of the left collarbone. When the dr. X-rayed it, he asked me when I had I broken that left side? I said "never", and then he showed me the healed crack on the X-ray. So I too have some strange bone growth going on that has no explanation. As long as it doesn't hurt, I can just accept that it's another weird and wonderful symptom of our dear disease.

Psoriatic Arthritis since 2000. Failed Enbrel and Humira, now on Cimzia and methotrexate.