I questioned myself for years about which pain is which and how to deal with each type of pain. Last year, I finally managed to get to my orthopedist during a severe left SI flare (after that darn Zumba class). I had to see the on-call doctor because mine was out of town. When I told him I thought the pain was my SI joint, he acted like I had no idea what I was talking about and told me that it was probably actually a slipped disc. He had me lay on my back and he bent my left leg and placed my left foot into my right knee. Then he slightly pushed down on my left knee. I about jumped off the table by that point because even getting into that position was hard enough without him pushing on my knee. He response was "Huh. It really is SI joint pain." I am not sure why he was surprised by that. But, because of that visit, I now know for certain which pain is the SI joint pain.

I have learned through trial and error what I can and cannot do. In my experience, I can work through most pain and keep on going. However, this is not true for me with SI joint pain. I have to stop all workouts and any kind of physical activity until I can bend forward or the pain continually worsens (this includes not even walking unless absolutely necessary). Once I am able to bend forward, I know that I can resume working out and I won't make the pain worse even if my SI joint is still painful. It has taken me years to figure this out.

As far as my hip pain, I have learned that shortening my stride and walking slower helps considerably. In general, I also move very slowly and carefully when I feel that a possible flare is coming on. I make sure to make no sudden movements.

I don't know where there may be info regarding the SI issues associated with spondylarthropathies and how to respond to them. I tend to muddle through on my own and will sometimes ask my physical therapist and doctors what physical activity I can do when I am flaring. It's been a long road, to say the least!

Miz Que

Psoriatic arthritis dx 7/2013, minus the psoriasis. SI joint, hip, knee, elbow, and foot pain since 2006. HLA B27 positive, mom has AS. Currently on Predinsone and will start drug trials in September.