Flexeril is what I am on for a muscle relaxer. I've found that you build up a tolerance after a while. I can now take 2 10mg pills and still be functional, whereas some people can take only 1 and it'll knock them out for 15 hrs.

As for Tramadol, I've been on that for almost a year now and have only had a period of a week without it. I was just lazy and hadn't made it to the pharmacy for a week. I didn't feel any withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. I started off only taking one a day and now take 4 per day. 2 in the morning and 2 at night. It helps me enormously.

22 years old. Female. Diagnosed with AS in June of 2013 but experienced symptoms for two years prior. Fused SI joints, fused L5-S1. Love and own 4 horses who keep me walking and riding around despite the pain. Married to a wonderful man, and struggling to deal with this chronic illness while being a newlywed and starting my first desk job.