I am really blessed to have my best friend. We were friends long before autoimmune diseases took over our lives. She started her quest for a diagnosis about a year after we became friends. Turns out she has Lyme and Fibro. Then a year ago I started my diagnosis quest and discovered I have AS. We've been friends now for almost 5 years. Longest time I've been able to hold on to a best girlfriend! I've always been the ultimate tomboy.

It is so so so awesome that we have each other. Nobody understands like a fellow spoonie!

Not to get too religious, but I truly believe that it was not a coincidence that we became friends.

22 years old. Female. Diagnosed with AS in June of 2013 but experienced symptoms for two years prior. Fused SI joints, fused L5-S1. Love and own 4 horses who keep me walking and riding around despite the pain. Married to a wonderful man, and struggling to deal with this chronic illness while being a newlywed and starting my first desk job.