When you mentioned that he had abscesses pretty well described Crohns disease. That and the bloody stools are symptoms of Crohns. It goes along with AS. Many people with AS have another disease like Crohns or UC also.

I know its hard to see him hurting and not talk about it. We women like to talk about all our problems while men tend to keep things bottled up. Be patient, be there for him when he wants to talk and do try to see that he has the best doctors available.

Try to learn all you can about what he is going through, knowledge is a powerful tool.

Suffering since a teenager.Dx with AS Dec 2009. Dx with ulcerative colitis 1998, both knees replaced 2006. GP said I had "some kind of inflammatory arthritis" 25 years ago. It has taken 50 years to get a Dx.

Mobic, Nexium, Naproxin, Lipitor, 6-MP, Nexium, Miacalcam, MSContin and 2 Norco for break through pain